Step by step – towards a successful launch

We strive to make all our website projects successful. To achieve the website has to communicate properly to its audience, have the right conversion, it should look and work as wanted on all screens and it should be optimized for ranking in search engines. Ensuring this requires a step-by-step process.


That’s when we get to know you. We create personas based on your ideal customers, we map out the questions your customers ask, and we look at analytics to see how you’re doing. This is an important phase to build the foundation for the rest of the project.

Communication and Conversion

A website that communicates accurately, converts well. We’ll work on your content and how your website communicates to spark your ideal customers’ interest and help them connect with your business.


We will work on getting your identity and personality and bringing the design to life. You will be involved in the process by setting a standard, and you will be evaluating and approving the design before it goes further.


We have a holistic process when it comes to website development. There are many steps that we have to go through from identifying your website goal up to launch. We will do thorough website testing to quality check everything during pre-launch.


Content and design are crucial in website rankings. An informative, well-written, and keyword-rich content SEO-based design make up your website ranking. We will help you find vital keywords and check every page has meta titles and descriptions.


After thoroughly tested the website, you also have to quality check and approve. This is not the end of the job, though. Once your website goes live, we still continue to run user testing on new features and other technical stuff.
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