Making companies succeed with web and marketing since 2014

We have grown in knowledge and numbers over the years, but our commitment towards the companies we work with remains true.

We are dedicated to delivering quality and cost-effective web and marketing services for B2B companies and have IT companies as our special niche.


It started in 2014

Maia Håland started Contenting with a focus on content production. She provided content services to small and medium-sized businesses, including website content, blogs, etc.
She soon realized that the companies she worked with needed more general marketing help. They needed help with design, web design, content, SEO, strategic use of social media, planning and executing campaigns, etc. She also realized that it’s the combination of all the disciplines that would create great success.
So, driven by the idea of providing businesses with the services they needed to succeed with web and marketing, Maia built a company with diverse expertise. Therefore, the years have gone to building up the best team, the best procedures, and learning from every project.

Our Mission

  • To make our clients succeed with web, marketing and sales
  • To share our knowledge, “best practices” and “step-by-step processes” with the people we work with, so that we can equip them for succeeding in their role and growing their career.
  • To optimize our team, software and processes to make best results in the most cost-efficient way. So that we can be the smartest choice for our clients.

Our Core Values












Growth and learning



Our team

Where we got the company name

Contenting is a home-made verb meaning “to create content”: “We are reading; we are writing; we are Contenting.” And when we say content, we think of it in a broad context: text, design, videos, webinars, etc. It’s also a combination of the terms “content marketing” and “content is king”.

Also, content means satisfied; it’s “something that makes someone satisfied” as we want to make our clients satisfied.

What the company logo means

Our logo represents 4 things:

  • The dots/eyes are quotemarks, illustrating that we are doing content.
  • The initial letter of our company name, Contenting;
  • When turned sideways, you see 2 people in a boat. It shows we take our customers on an exciting journey towards success; and lastly
  • A smiley face that represents happy customers.

All these boil down to one of our core values; happiness and meaningfulness. We create a happy workplace first. And we work together to put smiles on our customers’ faces.

We work with companies of all sizes

We’re working with everything from recognized multibillion to small companies with only a few employees. Every customer is important to us.

Making the world a little bit better


We love to put smiles on people’s faces, especially when it comes to customers and employees.
But we also care about the world around us.

Around Christmas every year, we take an initiative to do good for someone less fortunate. For several years we have supported an orphanage in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. In 2018, we decided to do a bigger Pro Bono Project with Médicins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

We helped them by making a website where they could easily acquire statistics and reports from their work to better benchmark their charity work.

If you have suggestions for causes we could support, we are always thrilled to hear about it. We can support with money, but it’s even better if we could donate our time and skills to something that contributes to a better world –as we did with Médicins Sans Frontières.

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